Coordinating your team members’ schedules can be a pain. That’s why Desk-Net includes availability tracking and shift management. So you can keep your team running like a well-oiled machine.

Availability pages

Who’s available? Who’s busy?

Who is available? Who is absent? Who is assigned to a shift?

Desk-Net’s Availability pages give you a clear overview for as many days as you need — from just one day, to an entire month. The timeline makes it easy to visualize your team’s availability and plan accordingly.

Availability of staff in Desk-Net editorial calendar software
Editorial shift management

Shift management

Create shifts and keep track of staffing

Does your team work in shifts, like days/nights or weekdays/weekends?

Desk-Net lets you assign users to shifts, so everyone on your team can see coverage at a glance.  

Your team can sync their shifts to their own calendar apps, so they always know when they need to be at work.

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